Ep. 292 Cultivate Healthy Family Eating Habits Through the Power of Connection with Shawn Stevenson

I am delighted to reintroduce Shawn Stephenson today! Shawn is a leading figure within the world of health and well-being, where his insights have had a profound impact!

Shawn’s USA Today national bestseller, Eat Smarter, and his international sensation, Sleep Smarter, have redefined how we approach vitality. He is also the creator and driving force behind the Model Health Show podcast, which has millions of devoted listeners.

In today’s conversation, we discuss Shawn’s latest book, the Eat Smarter Family Cookbook, and deeply explore how family culture can shape our children’s future.
The pandemic has changed our world irrevocably, and some worrisome numbers about how it has impacted childhood obesity have been catching our attention lately. We dive into that today and also share some obesity statistics for adults. Additionally, we explore the decline of family meals, dissect the effects of feeling isolated, and discuss the importance of staying connected.

Get ready to delve into the interconnected threads of food, family, and nurturing body and soul. This talk is not just valuable- it is vitally important!