Bonus Ep. 251 90 Seconds to a Life You Love and the Capacity to Change with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Today I am honored to connect with my friend and colleague, Dr. Joan Rosenberg! She is a highly-regarded psychologist, master clinician, trainer, consultant, cutting-edge psychologist, and the author of the book 90 Seconds to a Life You Love.
Joan is a dear friend who is absolutely brilliant and very wise! She has a broad range of experience, both as a clinician and as a professor. As a clinical psychologist, she is known for her concept of working through uncomfortable feelings. In this episode, we dive into how our childhoods impact our ability to express ourselves and the understanding that if we have the capacity to think, we can change. We discuss uncomfortable feelings, triggers, awareness, and reframing. We speak about experiences versus disconnection, resilience, and the benefits of facing our pain. We also get into the goals of communication, incongruent thoughts and actions, growth, generosity, compliments, and humility.
This conversation is one of my recent favorites! I hope you will love it too!