Ep. 235 The Impact of Nutrient Density and Why it Matters

I am delighted to connect with Chris Kresser today! Chris is the co-founder of the California Center for Functional Medicine, the founder of Kresser Institute, the host of the top-ranked health podcast Revolution Health Radio, and the New York Times best-selling author of The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine.

Chris is as gracious in person as he is online! I have been following him for years and feel honored to have him joining me on the show today! He shares his background, and we dive into bio-individuality and functional medicine. We talk about changes to the nutrient density of food, why the RDA is inadequate, why synthetic nutrients are not beneficial, genetics, how mindset affects our health, and measurable ways to improve neuroplasticity. We also discuss his new supplement line, Adapt Naturals.

I hope you will enjoy listening to today’s information-packed conversation with Chris Kresser as much as I did recording it! Stay tuned for more!