Ep. 287 Toxic Superfoods: Impact of Oxalates in Human Health with Sally Norton, MPH

Join me today in stepping into the world of nutrition science and exploring the fascinating realm of dietary oxalates alongside renowned expert Sally Norton!

Armed with a nutrition degree from Cornell and a Master’s degree in Public Health, Sally has dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of plant-based oxalic compounds. In her groundbreaking new book, Toxic Superfoods, she untangles the intricate web of oxalic acid, oxalate salts, and oxalate crystals, shedding light on their affinity for binding to essential minerals and disrupting the delicate balance of glutathione and oxidation.

In today’s conversation, Sally and I explore the prevalence of oxalates in modern lifestyles. We dive into the alarming deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in the American diet and the impact of consumer demand for so-called superfoods. We also uncover the fascinating connections between genetics, lifestyle, and symptoms and get into how to address the consequences of consuming oxalate-laden foods.

Prepare yourself for an enlightening discussion that will give you a fresh perspective on health and well-being! You will be captivated by the depth of knowledge and insights Sally reveals about the pressing health issues surrounding dietary oxalates!