Ep. 280 Holistic Approaches to Pet Health: Enhancing Your Pet’s Quality of Life with Dr. Judy Morgan

Today, I have the privilege of engaging in a fascinating and eye-opening conversation with Dr. Judy Morgan, a renowned figure in the field of veterinary care.

As a certified veterinary acupuncturist, chiropractic owner, and food therapist, Dr. Morgan’s expertise extends way beyond traditional allopathic medicine. Although she retired from clinical practice in 2020, her dedication to promoting exceptional veterinary care remains unwavering, both within the United States and abroad.

In our discussion, we dive into the factors contributing to the declining health of our beloved pets, such as the alarming obesity rates affecting 60% of pets in the United States. We also explore the flaws within the pet food industry, including the significant influence of Mars Petcare, a conglomerate that has acquired a substantial portion of the processed food industry.

Our conversation covers a myriad of topics, ranging from the distinctions between rendered and food-grade meat to the complexities surrounding grain-free diets. We touch on the contentious subject of vaccines, explain how to navigate between core and non-core vaccinations, and discuss specific concerns, such as lipomas, tooth care, exercise, and grooming. We also explore the best approaches to selecting flea and tick preventatives and the potential health implications of chemicals and plastics on our pets.

As someone who once contemplated a career in veterinary medicine, it was a true delight to interview Dr. Morgan- especially considering my allergies prevented me from pursuing that path! I encourage you to explore her insightful books and online resources because I am confident you will find them invaluable. Join me in this enlightening discussion that will undoubtedly shed light on essential aspects of pet care and welfare!