Ep. 277 Being In Your Power: How To Regain Control Of Your Life with Dr. Sharon Melnick

Today I have the honor of connecting with Dr. Sharon Melnick!

Dr. Sharon is a leading Executive Coach and Speaker in the area of resilience, power, and women’s leadership. She was intricately involved in research at Harvard Medical School and is a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach who has coached and trained at over 60 Fortune 500 organizations and numerous equity-owned and startup companies. She is the author of In Your Power.

In today’s episode, Dr. Sharon shares her background, and we dive into trauma, intergenerational trauma, triggers, how to change a definition and narrative, how to distinguish between being in your power and feeling powerless, regaining a sense of control and confidence, the metaphor of the thermostat versus the thermometer, ways to align more closely with your power, strategies for dealing with intrusive people, and more.