Ep. 275 Mastering Adversity: Acknowledging Your Struggles and Embracing Change

I am delighted to reconnect with Lance Essihos today! He was with me once before on Episode 69, back in 2018.

Lance is a Canadian traveler who made it his life’s mission to help heal the world through the art of powerful storytelling and human connection. He is the host of the top-rated podcast, University of Adversity, which I have been honored to be on twice.

In his new book, Mastering Adversity, Lance explores the quest for personal growth, leveling up, and healing. He believes that true mastery is an ongoing process and there will always be new challenges at every level of growth. Writing the book was challenging, and he is grateful to have completed it. He found sharing his thoughts with the world- especially his family, a tough yet transformative experience.

In this episode, Lance talks about his book and dives into the transformational experience of how adversity shaped his life. We discuss his craving for personal growth and meaning and get into how our internal narrative can influence how we perceive the world. We also speak about masculine and feminine energy, why we must embrace the history of trauma, and how doing that can be a powerful motivator for health and change.

I truly hope you will gain from today’s discussion and enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it!