Bonus Ep. 225 Gut Health and Autoimmunity with Margaret Floyd Barry

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I am delighted to have Margaret Floyd Barry joining me today! Margaret is a highly sought-after expert clinician, author, and educator in the field of functional nutrition.

It is in our listeners’ best interest to learn more about gut health and the gut microbiome because middle-aged women often develop health issues without realizing that they are related to their gut not being as healthy as before.

Margaret became interested in understanding the connection between food and health because she witnessed her mother suffering from Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. In this episode, we dive into her mother’s medical miracle, how our modern-day lifestyles impact our gut health, and the physical effects of inflammatory foods. We share some strategies for elimination diets and explain why gluten and dairy are particularly unhealthy for the digestive system. We also get into common dietary misconceptions, testing for gut health, five areas for gut healing, strategies for eliminating seed oil, the benefits of grass-fed meat, and reducing exposure to toxins.

I hope you will gain from this podcast and enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it. Stay tuned to find out all you need to know about overcoming autoimmune issues and maintaining optimum gut health!

“Food is much more than fuel for our bodies. It is literally what we are made of.”

– Margaret Floyd Barry


  • Margaret discusses what prompted her to change lanes and learn about functional nutrition.
  • Margaret explains the fundamentals of what happens in the autoimmune disease process.
  • How do our modern-day lifestyles make us susceptible to autoimmune disorders?
  • A good starting point for overcoming autoimmune problems is addressing the diet and healing the gut.
  • Margaret unpacks the inflammatory process.
  • Which foods are the most inflammatory and problematic?
  • A leaky gut is a gateway to many different health issues.
  • Testing is the best way to find out what is triggering the inflammatory process in your body.
  • Digestive distress is often associated with gluten and dairy.
  • Why is gluten problematic, and how does it impact the body?
  • Why is dairy so alluring and addictive?
  • It is vital to incorporate transition foods in the process of eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet.
  • Margaret talks about the test she recommends for people starting to heal their gut.
  • Maintaining hormonal balance is critical when addressing gut issues.
  • The five areas Margaret focuses on for gut healing.
  • Margaret debunks three common dietary misconceptions.

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