Ep. 322 Impact of Alcohol and Our Health with Dr. Brooke Scheller

Today, I am honored to be in conversation with Dr. Brooke Scheller. She is a doctor of Clinical Nutrition, a nationally recognized health expert, and the founder of Functional Sobriety, a nutrition-based program for alcohol reduction. She also wrote How to Eat to Change How You Drink.
In our conversation today, we discuss the stigmatization of alcohol use and explore the nuances of curiosity and sobriety. We dispel common misconceptions, examine the research on alcohol consumption, tackle the definition of moderation, scrutinize the influence of industry ties, and unravel the issues linked to excessive alcohol consumption. Dr. Scheller also sheds light on how poor absorption impacts the gut microbiome and causes a leaky gut, offering insightful nutritional strategies to address those concerns. Our conversation also extends to fertility, blood sugar, and the challenges posed by initiatives like Dry January and sober challenges.
Stay tuned for today’s comprehensive exploration of the relationship between nutrition and alcohol use.