Ep. 333 Overtraining, Body Image and the Power of Strength Training with Dr. Sean Pastuch

I am honored to engage in a conversation with Dr. Sean Pastuch today.
Dr. Pastuch spent more than ten years treating patients and training clients. He has worked with some of the most elite athletes in the world, guiding them toward success by seamlessly connecting fitness with healthcare.
In today’s conversation, we discuss the sustainability of New Year’s resolutions, explain why strength training is essential, and talk about chronic cardio and muscular independence, the pitfalls of overtraining, and the impact of body image marketing. We explore advocacy within the current healthcare system, emphasizing the need for confidence-building to become effective advocates for ourselves and our children. Dr. Pastuch also explains the simplicity of his morning routine, highlighting the importance of uncomplicated habits for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Stay tuned for simple-to-apply behavior changes, mindset shifts, and exercise protocols to help you live a life of freedom without compromise.