Ep. 304 Samantha Harris: TV Host to Breast Cancer Hope Advocate

I am honored to have Samantha Harris joining me today!

Samantha is a best-selling author and prominent figure in the television world, having graced our screens as an Emmy Award-winning TV host. At age forty, her life took a shocking and unexpected turn when she received a breast cancer diagnosis, moving her far beyond the glamor of the entertainment industry.

In our conversation today, Samantha shares her remarkable story, explaining how her persistence and intuition guided her toward identifying and understanding ductal carcinoma. We discuss the value of seeking second and third opinions and why you should trust your intuition when navigating medical decisions. Samantha also sheds light on the critical role of raising awareness and empowering individuals in their healthcare journeys, and we examine the risk factors associated with breast cancer, looking at lifestyle choices and how they affect our health and well-being.

Samantha is a wellspring of hope and inspiration! I trust you will find my conversation with her as captivating and enlightening as I did while recording it!