Ep. 309 Psychological Distress and Food Addiction: Finding Solutions with Dr. Tro Kalayjian

I am delighted to have my friend and colleague, Dr. Tro Kalayjian, back on the podcast today! He was with me once before for episode 54.
Dr. Tro has a background in internal and obesity medicine and is a founding member of the Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners. He managed to lose more than 150 pounds by challenging conventional medical advice.
In our discussion today, we dive into the impact of food addiction and how our current medical framework has compounded the difficulties of so many patients. We explore the limitations of the calories in calories out model and explain why the term binge eating does not adequately describe food addiction. We go into the role of macronutrients and discuss surgical interventions and medications for food addictions, highlighting the need for patient autonomy and shared decision-making. We also scrutinize the influence of institutions like the CDC, FDA, and insurance companies on how physicians and other healthcare practitioners practice medicine and help their patients manage hunger cravings, social interactions, emotions, and more.
Dr. Tro’s dedication to empowering practitioners to become strong patient advocates and oppose the conventional medical paradigm shines through in this impactful and thought-provoking episode. I truly admire him for his commitment to challenging traditional medical protocols!

Ep. 308 Dr. Mary Claire Haver: Weight Gain in Middle Age, Perimenopause and Inflammation

Today, I am honored to connect with Dr. Mary Claire Haver, a board-certified OBGYN who has dedicated her entire adult life to championing women’s health.

Dr. Haver is the visionary creator of the Galveston Diet, the first and only nutrition program ever designed by a female OBGYN to cater to menopausal women.
In our conversation today, Dr. Haver shares her background, and we discuss her new book, The Galveston Diet. We examine the glaring systemic gap where the health of middle-aged women remains undervalued and underfunded in research, and our discussion touches on various facets of women’s health, including perimenopausal symptoms, the distinction between chronological and endocrine aging, the scientific misconceptions surrounding weight gain and hormones, the advantages of intermittent fasting, inflammation, macros. We also get into the supplements Dr. Haver finds beneficial for women in middle age, in addition to dissecting the impact of non-nutritive sweeteners and the role of continuous glucose monitors.

Ep. 307 Metabolic Health, Muscle, and Strength with JJ Virgin

I am delighted to have my friend, colleague, and mentor, JJ Virgin, joining me on the podcast again today! She last appeared in Episode 112, back in August 2020.
JJ is a thriving and influential health and wellness expert. She is a multiple New York Times best-selling author and triple board-certified nutrition expert who earned a place in the Fitness Hall of Fame.
In our conversation today, we debunk some common misconceptions around weight loss, discussing the role of muscle and examining the importance of macro management- particularly in the context of perimenopause and menopause. We explore the art of aging powerfully and share some great hacks for navigating middle age, including our favorite supplements, like creatine monohydrate. We also look into the value of doing flexibility work like Pilates and yoga, the latest research on grip strength and its implications for overall strength, and the impact of chronic stress, and we share some effective strategies for tackling cellulite.
Stay tuned for more!

Ep. 306 Q&A: Best Supplements for Women and Creatine Benefits with Cynthia Thurlow, NP & Intermittent Fasting Expert

I am delighted to welcome all my listeners to AMA number five! You have flooded me with a myriad of questions once again, and as promised, we will be focusing on supplements today.

I aim to keep the AMAs between 35 and 40 minutes long to make them a quick listen that is easy to digest. However, looking ahead into 2024, we might consider extending the sessions if your questions lead us in that direction.

I have tried to paraphrase your questions wherever I could and will do my best to answer as many as possible in this episode.
Stay tuned for more!

Ep. 305 Dispelling Myths About Breast Cancer with Dr. Jenn Simmons

I am honored to have Dr. Jenn Simmons joining me on the podcast today! She is a top breast cancer surgeon who made a pivotal shift in her practice after developing an illness that led her into the functional medicine world. She has since become a beacon of hope as the doctor with the answer to breast cancer in helping her patients reclaim their health.

In our discussion, Dr. Jenn shares her background, and we dive into breast physiology and the role of hormones, dispelling the myth that estrogen causes breast cancer. We explore the latest advancements in breast cancer screening, including some new screening tools Dr. Jenn employs in her practice. Our conversation also encompasses risk factors, diagnostic approaches for women, and lifestyle-related choices that can play a role in either preventing breast cancer or helping women heal from it. I have incorporated many of your questions into our discussion, including information about alcohol consumption, whether or not breast implant illness is a real issue, and how Dr. Jenn helps her patients heal from it.

Dr. Jenn possesses deep wisdom, and her insights are bound to enhance your understanding of breast cancer.

Ep. 304 Samantha Harris: TV Host to Breast Cancer Hope Advocate

I am honored to have Samantha Harris joining me today!

Samantha is a best-selling author and prominent figure in the television world, having graced our screens as an Emmy Award-winning TV host. At age forty, her life took a shocking and unexpected turn when she received a breast cancer diagnosis, moving her far beyond the glamor of the entertainment industry.

In our conversation today, Samantha shares her remarkable story, explaining how her persistence and intuition guided her toward identifying and understanding ductal carcinoma. We discuss the value of seeking second and third opinions and why you should trust your intuition when navigating medical decisions. Samantha also sheds light on the critical role of raising awareness and empowering individuals in their healthcare journeys, and we examine the risk factors associated with breast cancer, looking at lifestyle choices and how they affect our health and well-being.

Samantha is a wellspring of hope and inspiration! I trust you will find my conversation with her as captivating and enlightening as I did while recording it!

Ep. 303 Optimum Nutrition, Bio-Individuality & Quantum Healing for Women with Dr. Deanna Minich

I am honored to connect with Dr. Deanna Minich today! She is a pioneer in the realm of optimum nutrition, a nutrition scientist, international lecturer, educator, and author with an impressive background amassed over two decades in academia and the food and dietary supplement industry.

With six consumer books to her name, Dr. Minich has been a beacon of insight and guidance on my social media horizon. Her dedication to bio-individuality and her holistic approach have made her a prominent figure in her field and a source of inspiration for many, including me.

In today’s discussion, Dr. Minich and I dive into the intricate world of nutrition science. We delve into topics such as the unique dietary needs of women, the impact of organic foods on reproductive health, and the critical role of an anti-inflammatory diet during perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Minich emphasizes the principle of bio-individuality, pointing out that each person’s nutritional needs are as unique as their DNA. We also discuss the transformative power of quantum healing and its potential to bring about profound changes in one’s health.

Among other topics, we explore the importance of supporting circadian biology and shed light on the language of aging. Discussions on melatonin as a chronobiotic agent, distinctions between naturally-sourced and lab-created melatonin, and the crucial role of detoxification in our well-being are also included.

Ep. 302 Protein’s Transformative Impact on Muscle and Aging Well with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

I am delighted to reconnect with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon today! She is a dear friend and a physician whose work has profoundly impacted my own work, particularly during the past few years. She previously appeared on the podcast in episode 95 about three years ago.
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a highly respected functional medicine provider, the founder of the Institute for Muscle-centric Medicine, a nationally recognized speaker and media contributor, and the author of the book Forever Strong.
In our conversation, we dive into areas where confusion often clouds our understanding of protein intake. We explore the distinctions between commodities and consumer packaged goods and the impact of sarcopenia and other muscle-related changes that affect women during perimenopause and menopause. Our discussion also goes into the hallmarks of aging, uncovers the critical importance of a specific protein threshold to initiate muscle protein synthesis, and examines the role of food matrices and Leucine thresholds, misconceptions surrounding carbohydrates, and the most effective methods for tracking muscle mass. Additionally, we explore the connections between poor metabolic health and cognitive decline, making this conversation exceptionally relevant and informative.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lyon’s forthcoming book coming out in early October. Her work has played a significant role in shaping my personal and professional life and had a profound impact on many of my female patients and clients.
I am confident that you will find today’s show with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon as enlightening and valuable as I do.

Ep. 301 Creatine: The Best Supplement for Better Bones & Brain Health with Darren Candow, PhD, CSEP-CEP

Today, I have the honor of connecting with Dr. Darren Candow, a distinguished professor and internationally renowned researcher on creatine monohydrate, nutrition, and physical activity.

With an impressive portfolio boasting 87 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals, Dr. Candow is an absolute delight to converse with. Our extensive discussion delves into many fascinating topics, including the role of creatine monohydrate in bone health, the influence of estrogen, anabolic processes, and the synergy of exercise with creatine. We explore groundbreaking research on the evolution of sarcopenia, dissect outdated recommendations for protein intake, and uncover the connection between creatine utilization and brain health, particularly in traumatic brain injuries, sleep deprivation, jetlag, and mood disorders. In addition, we navigate the intricacies of creatine dosing and venture into the impact of creatine on anaerobic strength training, fat loss, cardiovascular health, and endurance exercise while also exploring its potential as an anti-inflammatory and anti-muscle catabolism agent.

The overwhelming influx of questions we received prompted a gracious offer from Dr. Candow to join me sometime soon for an AMA dedicated specifically to creatine.

From the date this podcast airs on October 4th until October 11th, we are delighted to offer a special treat of a discount code on creatine. You will not want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your journey toward better health and performance!

I trust you will enjoy today’s conversation with Dr. Candow as much as I did!

Ep. 300 Herbs & Wellness: Dr. Rawls on Cellular Regeneration & Healing

I am honored to connect with Dr. Bill Rawls today! He is a distinguished figure in the healthcare field, having departed from conventional allopathic medicine to illuminate the profound potential of herbs in revitalizing health through the principles of cellular healing and regeneration.
With a foundation in classical obstetrics and gynecology and backed by scientific research, Dr. Rawls joins me today to furnish us with his actionable recommendations for optimal health and well-being.

In our conversation, Dr. Rawls dives into his background and explains the inherent limitations of the traditional allopathic model that has guided modern medicine for generations. We explore questions surrounding the alarming state of health in our society and examine the factors contributing to disease. We navigate the landscape of cellular biology, shining a light on the role of mitochondria and the impact of diet, environmental toxins, stress, and microbial pressures on our well-being. Dr. Rawls also unveils the distinctions that set herbs apart from pharmaceutical agents, and we journey through the realm of phytochemicals, the spectrum of herbal safety, and the health concerns around perimenopause, menopause, bone health, and sleep.

Dr. Rawls is a source of profound wisdom in the world of health and wellness, and his invaluable insights promise to empower us on the path to a healthier and more vibrant existence!