Ep. 303 Optimum Nutrition, Bio-Individuality & Quantum Healing for Women with Dr. Deanna Minich

I am honored to connect with Dr. Deanna Minich today! She is a pioneer in the realm of optimum nutrition, a nutrition scientist, international lecturer, educator, and author with an impressive background amassed over two decades in academia and the food and dietary supplement industry.

With six consumer books to her name, Dr. Minich has been a beacon of insight and guidance on my social media horizon. Her dedication to bio-individuality and her holistic approach have made her a prominent figure in her field and a source of inspiration for many, including me.

In today’s discussion, Dr. Minich and I dive into the intricate world of nutrition science. We delve into topics such as the unique dietary needs of women, the impact of organic foods on reproductive health, and the critical role of an anti-inflammatory diet during perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Minich emphasizes the principle of bio-individuality, pointing out that each person’s nutritional needs are as unique as their DNA. We also discuss the transformative power of quantum healing and its potential to bring about profound changes in one’s health.

Among other topics, we explore the importance of supporting circadian biology and shed light on the language of aging. Discussions on melatonin as a chronobiotic agent, distinctions between naturally-sourced and lab-created melatonin, and the crucial role of detoxification in our well-being are also included.