Ep. 301 Creatine: The Best Supplement for Better Bones & Brain Health with Darren Candow, PhD, CSEP-CEP

Today, I have the honor of connecting with Dr. Darren Candow, a distinguished professor and internationally renowned researcher on creatine monohydrate, nutrition, and physical activity.

With an impressive portfolio boasting 87 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals, Dr. Candow is an absolute delight to converse with. Our extensive discussion delves into many fascinating topics, including the role of creatine monohydrate in bone health, the influence of estrogen, anabolic processes, and the synergy of exercise with creatine. We explore groundbreaking research on the evolution of sarcopenia, dissect outdated recommendations for protein intake, and uncover the connection between creatine utilization and brain health, particularly in traumatic brain injuries, sleep deprivation, jetlag, and mood disorders. In addition, we navigate the intricacies of creatine dosing and venture into the impact of creatine on anaerobic strength training, fat loss, cardiovascular health, and endurance exercise while also exploring its potential as an anti-inflammatory and anti-muscle catabolism agent.

The overwhelming influx of questions we received prompted a gracious offer from Dr. Candow to join me sometime soon for an AMA dedicated specifically to creatine.

From the date this podcast airs on October 4th until October 11th, we are delighted to offer a special treat of a discount code on creatine. You will not want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your journey toward better health and performance!

I trust you will enjoy today’s conversation with Dr. Candow as much as I did!

Ep. 289: Unlocking the Age-Proof Brain: Enhance Memory and Defy Dementia with Dr. Marc Milstein

In the pursuit of understanding the fascinating complexities of our brains and unraveling the secrets to a healthier, happier life, I am delighted to have the opportunity to engage in an eye-opening conversation with Dr. Marc Milstein!

With an impressive background in Biological Chemistry and a degree from UCLA in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, Dr. Milstein’s expertise lies in distilling cutting-edge scientific research on health and happiness into captivating presentations that entertain, educate, and empower his audience to live better.

In today’s discussion, we delve into a myriad of intriguing topics ranging from the astonishing anatomy of sorry and the mesmerizing intricacies of our brains’ physiology to the pivotal role of neuroplasticity and the detrimental effects of plaques and tangles. We explore how waste build-up impacts our focus, productivity, and energy, and we uncover the factors influencing brain health, including the crucial interplay between a robust immune system and the intriguing link between leaky gut and memory issues. We also tackle the distinctions between mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, examining the impact of insulin resistance and trauma while seeking actionable ways to age-proof our most precious organ.

I invite you to join Dr. Milstein and me as we embark on the enthralling journey of discovering the keys to unlocking the full potential of our minds and enriching our lives as we unravel the mysteries of our most vital organ. Stay tuned as we explore ways to age-proof our brains while gaining invaluable insights into enhancing focus, productivity, and energy!

Ep. 286 The Impact of Fructose and Insulin on Brain Health

I have the privilege of reconnecting with Dr. Rick Johnson today. Our paths first crossed in 2022 for an enlightening podcast episode, and I am thrilled to continue our journey! What truly sets him apart is his warm and humble nature which I had the honor of experiencing first-hand when we met at an event earlier this year.

Dr. Johnson is a beacon of knowledge in the fields of medicine, obesity, and diabetes. As a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, his expertise extends far beyond the confines of academia. His groundbreaking research on sugar and fructose has unraveled the intricate web connecting these sweet substances to obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Today, we delve deep into the latest research on the complex interrelationship between Alzheimer’s and fructose, exploring the role of inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and insulin resistance. We untangle the mysteries surrounding Alzheimer’s, the sixth leading cause of death, and discover how the survival switch within our bodies can predispose us to insulin resistance, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Our conversation also explores the differences between high fructose corn syrup and naturally occurring fructose in sugar, the impact of processed salt versus more natural alternatives, the significance of hydration, and the profound effects of the standard American diet. We also examine the intriguing connection between alcohol, sugar, mood, and fructose-induced behaviors, shedding light on the role of uric acid and its contribution to impulsivity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on multiple health issues as Dr. Rick Johnson imparts his knowledge and wisdom. Prepare to be enlightened and empowered as we embark on this transformative journey!

Ep. 253 How to Improve Your Brain Health and Performance with Louisa Nicola

I am excited to connect with one of my favorite neuroscience experts today! Louisa Nicola is at the intersection of neuroscience and athleticism. She helps to bring a fresh understanding of what it takes to achieve peak performance through science-based tools and methods. She is also the host of The Neuro Experience podcast, which focuses on brain health, neuroscience, longevity, and athletics.
Louisa knows how to take complicated subjects related to brain physiology and hormones and explain them so that people can fully understand and appreciate them. In this episode, she and I dive into her background. We speak about her three pillars for peak performance, alcohol, and how sleep impacts the glymphatic system. We get into strategies for better sleep, the perimenopausal brain, how chronobiology impacts sleep, how to address jet lag, and how exercise improves brain performance and health. We also talk about the best foods and supplements for brain health and how creatine improves performance.
I hope you enjoy listening to today’s conversation as much as I did recording it!

Ep. 248 Eat Smarter: The Impact of Ultra-Processed Foods on Your Gut, Brain and Metabolic Health with Shawn Stevenson

I am delighted to connect with Shawn Stevenson for the first show of 2023! Shawn is the host of the prolific Model Health Show. He is also a Nutritional Scientist, an author, and a father.

Shawn was a top-tier athlete when he was in high school. At fifteen, his hip broke while running a 200-meter time trial. He had some standard of care, but nobody ever asked how an apparently healthy kid broke his hip while running. Two years later, he went to college. Soon after that, he got diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.

In this episode, we get into how his background influenced his career path. We discuss fast food economies, ultra-processed food, the impact of subsidized food on our health, the gut microbiome, and the danger of seed oils. We dive into metabolic switching, the vagus nerve, and how it impacts food absorption and leaky gut. We talk about brain health and how the brain gets influenced by the food we eat, the interrelationship between the brain and metabolic health, insulin sensitivity, and the impact of inflammation on the brain. We also speak about the importance of hydration and electrolytes, and more.

Ep. 240 Fear-Free Keto with Amy Berger

I am honored to reconnect with Amy Berger today! (She was with me before, in Episode 108, in 2020.) Amy has a Master’s degree in human nutrition. She is also a certified nutrition specialist and a US Air Force veteran. She is the author of many books, including a co-authored book with Dr. Eric Westman, called End Your Carb Confusion.
Amy is a wealth of information! She specializes in helping people do “Keto Without the Crazy”, and keeping things sane and simple- a message that is sadly under-represented in our post-pandemic time frame.
Amy joins me today to dive into reducing nutrition-related fear, worry, and anxiety. We speak about food addiction, binge eating, and orthorexia, the emerging trend in medicine of metabolic psychiatry, brain health, blood sugar, different types of fuel substrates, and weight-loss resistance. We also get into bio-hacking gadgets, the scale, and the value of food budgets.
Amy’s YouTube channel is one of my favorites, and her brand and business are full of down-to-earth messaging. I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with her as much as I did recording it! Stay tuned for more!

Ep. 181 – Insulin Resistance, Explained with Dr. Morgan Nolte

I am delighted to have Dr. Morgan Nolte joining me today! Dr. Morgan is a passionate board-certified clinical specialist in geriatric physical therapy. She is the founder of Weight Loss for Health, an online course, community, and coaching program to help women in c and postmenopause reduce insulin resistance for sustainable weight loss and disease prevention.

Dr. Morgan is dedicated to helping women feel empowered, confident, and in control of their health. She teaches women how food, fasting, stress, sleep, exercise, and mindset all play a role in reducing insulin resistance.

The key to maintaining long-term weight loss and health is living a low insulin lifestyle. That requires unlearning old weight loss beliefs and overcoming self-limiting thoughts. Thoughts determine emotions. Emotions determine actions. Actions determine results.

In this episode, we dive into maintaining weight loss, the role of insulin in the body, understanding macros, overcoming insulin resistance, and keeping your brain healthy after mid-life. Dr. Morgan also shares some actionable tips for overcoming limiting beliefs and maintaining weight loss. Stay tuned to learn what Dr. Morgan has to share in our interesting and informative conversation today!