Ep. 302 Protein’s Transformative Impact on Muscle and Aging Well with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

I am delighted to reconnect with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon today! She is a dear friend and a physician whose work has profoundly impacted my own work, particularly during the past few years. She previously appeared on the podcast in episode 95 about three years ago.
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a highly respected functional medicine provider, the founder of the Institute for Muscle-centric Medicine, a nationally recognized speaker and media contributor, and the author of the book Forever Strong.
In our conversation, we dive into areas where confusion often clouds our understanding of protein intake. We explore the distinctions between commodities and consumer packaged goods and the impact of sarcopenia and other muscle-related changes that affect women during perimenopause and menopause. Our discussion also goes into the hallmarks of aging, uncovers the critical importance of a specific protein threshold to initiate muscle protein synthesis, and examines the role of food matrices and Leucine thresholds, misconceptions surrounding carbohydrates, and the most effective methods for tracking muscle mass. Additionally, we explore the connections between poor metabolic health and cognitive decline, making this conversation exceptionally relevant and informative.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lyon’s forthcoming book coming out in early October. Her work has played a significant role in shaping my personal and professional life and had a profound impact on many of my female patients and clients.
I am confident that you will find today’s show with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon as enlightening and valuable as I do.