Ep. 350 The Dark Side of Food and Pharma Revealed! with Calley Means

I am delighted to have the honor of connecting with Calley Means today. Calley is the Founder of Truemed, a company that facilitates tax-free spending on food and exercise. He also co-authored a book with his sister, Casey Means, called Good Energy, to be released later this year.
Calley graduated from Stanford and Harvard Business School. He was a consultant for food and pharmaceutical firms and now exposes their tactics to weaponize our trusted institutions.
In our conversation today, Calley and I examine the impact of drug utilization, including GLP 1s, on obese children and discuss the relevance of his background in food and pharmaceuticals and the problem of treating obesity as a disease. We dive into the role of food stamps and subsidies and look at ways we can help improve food quality in the United States and reduce the influence of the pharmaceutical industry, also addressing conflicts of interest between the NIH and universities, the effects of reduced subsidies and processed food consumption on families, and dopamine regulation.
This conversation has been long-awaited, and as a dedicated fan of Calley’s work, I am thrilled to share it with you.