Ep. 340 AMA: Creatine’s Impact on Metabolic Health and Wellness with Dr. Darren Candow

Today, I am delighted to reconnect with two previous guests, Dr. Darren Candow.
Dr. Candow is a distinguished professor and an internationally renowned researcher on creatine monohydrate, nutrition, and physical activity who joined me before on Episode 301, where we spoke about creatine.
We are doing an AMA session today, delving into various themes surrounding creatine, from debunking outdated RDA recommendations to exploring the synergies between strength training and creatine efficacy. We look into the cognitive benefits of creatine, exploring how it interacts with caffeine and its implications for bone health, hydration, anabolic resistance, and metabolic health.
I trust you will find today’s AMA session as enlightening and enriching as I did while recording it.