Ep. 311 Addiction and the Impact of Lifestyle on Mental and Emotional Health with Dr. Joseph Yi

I am honored to have Dr. Joseph Yi joining me on the podcast today. He is a board-certified addiction psychiatrist specializing in holistic psychiatry and detoxification who embraces a lifestyle medicine approach to mental and behavioral well-being.

Dr. Yi caught my attention when he appeared on the Model Health Show with Sean Stephenson. I was instantly captivated by his bright and inquiring mind and knew I had to share his wisdom on Everyday Wellness.

In our conversation, we dive into the effects of the pandemic on screen time and addiction behaviors in children. Dr. Yi shares his expertise on the role of Fentanyl and drug overdose fatalities, challenges the notion that marijuana is entirely benign, and highlights the lack of education among traditionally trained medical professionals regarding lifestyle medicine. We also explore the transformative potential of psychedelics, including ketamine therapy, and the societal acceptance of addictive substances like alcohol and nicotine. Our conversation also journeys through the realm of low vibrational frequencies and spirituality, concluding with a discussion on the role of supplements in enhancing our mental and emotional well-being.

I have no doubt you will find today’s conversation enlightening and thought-provoking. Stay tuned for more!