Ep. 364 Forming Healthy Relationships: Insights on Commitment and Partnership with Jillian Turecki

Today, I am thrilled to be connecting with Jillian Turecki, a renowned relationship coach, educator, author, and host of the Jillian on Love podcast.
Sought out for her empathetic approach, Jillian has guided 1000s of individuals over the past two decades, driven by an unquenchable curiosity about what makes a relationship thrive. Through her compassion, directness, and authenticity, she has helped them transform their relationships with themselves by focusing on self-growth.
In our conversation, we explore the societal expectations for women and how improving our relationships with ourselves allows us to become more authentic in our other relationships. We address loneliness and trauma, unlearning parental conditioning, and dealing with situationships, and get into the difference between sexual chemistry and a real connection, narcissism, and warning signs in relationships. Jillian also shares her perspective on marriage and the importance of self-reflection.
Join us for the invaluable insights Jillian has drawn from her extensive experience over the past twenty years.