Ep. 356 Menopause, Heart Health and HRT with Dr. Felice Gersh

I am delighted to reconnect with Dr. Felice Gersh today for our fourth discussion.
Dr. Gersh is a globally recognized expert on women’s hormones. As the Medical Director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, she often collaborates with numerous research organizations.
In our discussion today, we dive into cardiovascular disease risks and menopause, highlighting the metabolic transition that menopause represents and exploring risk factors like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and PCOS. We get into the use of oral contraceptives, particularly before the age of 20, early puberty, and premature ovarian failure, while examining the role of the RAS system, synthetic hormones, and the differences between estrone and estradiol. We discuss the optimal timing for starting hormone replacement therapy and explain why we should love our menstrual cycles, addressing the risks related to circadian rhythm disruption. We also look at arterial changes, cholesterol dynamics, the autonomic nervous system, gut health and cardiac wellness in menopause, and proactive ways to support our bodies.
I am confident you will find today’s conversation with Dr. Felice Gersh most enlightening and informative.

Ep. 254 Understanding and Optimizing Heart Health with Dr. Stephen Hussey

I am honored to have Dr. Stephen Hussey joining me today. He is a chiropractic doctor with an interest in and a methodology related to cardiovascular disease.
Dr. Hussey suffered from a large STEMI, a type of myocardial infarction or heart attack, and he has been diabetic since childhood. In this episode, we dive into his background and the open-minded curiosity with which he views the world. We talk about statistics related to cardiovascular disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, the impact of Ancel Keys and his research, how cholesterol and statins work in the body, and the causes of heart attacks. We also discuss ways to navigate cardiovascular health proactively and the impact of fasting.