Ep. 338 ‘How to Be the Love You Seek’: Decoding Self-Love and Beliefs with Dr. Nicole LePera

Today, I have the privilege of connecting with Dr. Nicole LePera, the Holistic Psychologist.
Dr. LePera did her clinical psychology training at Cornell University. She has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking growth and transformation through her popular Instagram account and has written several self-help books, including How to Do the Work and How to Be the Love You Seek.
In our discussion today, we dive into the current impact of our childhood experiences, exploring crises of faith, the dark night of the soul, inner child archetypes, and shame. Dr. LePera sheds light on the dynamics of dysfunctional patterns, triggers, and regression while also examining the role of generational and systemic beliefs, trauma, and the emerging science of heart-brain coherence and heart rate variability, sharing practical tips for cultivating presence in our bodies to assist us in processing our emotions.
Dr. LePera’s work has been profoundly instrumental in my personal development journey, and I know you will find our conversation enlightening and enriching.