Ep. 345 EMF Awareness: Impact and Protection Strategies with Juraj Kocar 

Today, I have the honor of connecting with Juraj Kocar, the CEO of Somavedic Technologies. Somavedic is a groundbreaking frequency therapy device providing practical and easily accessible solutions for EMF exposure, improved sleep, and energy revitalization.
Juraj is a perpetually optimistic and forward-thinking entrepreneur motivated by a profound passion for developing and expanding products that significantly impact the lives of others, and he is currently propelling his dream project to new levels of success. In our discussion today, we meticulously define the role of EMFs, diving into how they affect our health, discussing proactive protection measures, and sharing strategies for mitigating EMF exposure while traveling. We also explore how the revolutionary Somavedic device works, my experience using it, how to choose the correct model, the effects of structured water, and biohacking strategies that Juraj uses daily.
Join us for an enriching conversation where we provide valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your health.