Ep. 219 Breaking Down Calorie Restriction, Protein Intake and The Ketogenic Diet with Chris Irvin

I had the honor of reconnecting with Chris Irvin today! (He was with me once before, on Episode 175.)
Chris is a nutrition researcher, writer, and educator specializing in low-carb dieting for metabolic health and human performance. He is the author of Keto Answers, The Carnivore Diet for Beginners, and Mommy, Do I Have to Eat This? He is also the Chief Marketing Officer at BioCoach, a company dedicated to taking down prediabetes and diabetes.

Chris is an incredible resource on the value of keto and low-carb diets! His book, Keto Answers, is one of my favorite keto resources to recommend to clients! In this episode, Chris and I get into the differences between micro and macronutrients. We talk about the therapeutic uses of keto, low-carb, hormesis, and carnivore diets, the role of metabolic health, the value of protein, balancing longevity and sarcopenia, and the results of over-fasting, over-restricting, and creating too much stress on the body. We also dive into questions from listeners about the impact of low-carb and ketogenic diets on cholesterol panels and endurance, how to troubleshoot digestive distress, protein excess, and Chris’s favorite gadgets and supplements.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I did recording it! Stay tuned for more!