Ep. 219 Breaking Down Calorie Restriction, Protein Intake and The Ketogenic Diet with Chris Irvin

I had the honor of reconnecting with Chris Irvin today! (He was with me once before, on Episode 175.)
Chris is a nutrition researcher, writer, and educator specializing in low-carb dieting for metabolic health and human performance. He is the author of Keto Answers, The Carnivore Diet for Beginners, and Mommy, Do I Have to Eat This? He is also the Chief Marketing Officer at BioCoach, a company dedicated to taking down prediabetes and diabetes.

Chris is an incredible resource on the value of keto and low-carb diets! His book, Keto Answers, is one of my favorite keto resources to recommend to clients! In this episode, Chris and I get into the differences between micro and macronutrients. We talk about the therapeutic uses of keto, low-carb, hormesis, and carnivore diets, the role of metabolic health, the value of protein, balancing longevity and sarcopenia, and the results of over-fasting, over-restricting, and creating too much stress on the body. We also dive into questions from listeners about the impact of low-carb and ketogenic diets on cholesterol panels and endurance, how to troubleshoot digestive distress, protein excess, and Chris’s favorite gadgets and supplements.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I did recording it! Stay tuned for more!

Ep. 175 – Myths About Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis! Moving Towards Better Metabolic Health with Chris Irvin

I am delighted to have Chris Irvin joining me today! Chris is a health researcher, writer, and coach. He has his Master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science, where he studied the effects of low carb diets on human performance and therapeutics. Chris is the education manager at Perfect Keto and is the author of Keto Answers.

When finishing his Master’s degree at the University of Tampa four or five years ago, Chris was unsure whether he wanted to pursue a Ph.D. or go out and become an entrepreneur in the exercise and nutrition industry. While doing an internship at the University of Southern Florida, however, he realized that following the Ph.D. route was not for him. He had also started studying keto in grad school, and it frustrated him that all the research information was locked away in journals that were either inaccessible or hard-to-interpret. So he decided to make all the information about the ketogenic diet more accessible to the general population.

In this episode, Chris goes into the history of the ketogenic diet and explains how it evolved. He also talks about carbohydrates, reducing food cravings, and moving towards better metabolic health. Stay tuned for more!