Ep. 330 Body Image, Training and Nutrition in Middle Age with Sal Di Stefano

Today, I am privileged to connect with Sal Di Stefano.
Sal is a sought-after fitness and health expert with a straightforward and uncomplicated manner of communication. He is also a co-host of the immensely popular Mind Pump Podcast.
In our discussion, we explore why the scale is an ineffective measure of success in our culture, particularly for women. We dive into the effects of body image and dysfunctional relationships with our bodies, contrasting self-hate patterns with self-love patterns. We look at ways to train differently in middle age with the challenges of perimenopause and menopause and consider the impact of physiological changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period. We also cover signs of overtraining and intuitive nutrition and address many listeners’ questions about reverse dieting, hormetic strategies, and authenticity.
I am sure you will love this conversation, and I look forward to having Sal back on the show in 2024.