Ep. 317 Perimenopause Wisdom: Dr. Cabeca on Ovarian Health, Menopause & More!

Today, I am delighted to reconnect with my friend and colleague, Dr. Anna Cabeca. She was with me before on episodes 94 and 202.
Dr. Cabeca is a triple board-certified physician in gynecology, integrative medicine, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. She is also an authority on functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
In our conversation today, we dive into women’s health care. We explore the impact of COVID and COVID vaccines on ovarian health, methods for measuring ovarian health and supporting fertility, the significance of oxytocin, the role of oral contraceptives, and navigating perimenopause and menopause. Our discussion also extends to alternative hormone replacement therapies, using pellets and bioidenticals for hormone replacement, the benefits of hormone holidays, pregnenolone use, and detox support.
You are sure to gain from the insights and expert information Dr. Cabeca shares with us today.