Ep. 349 Unlock the Power of Plant-Based Minerals with Caroline Alan

Today, I am delighted to connect with Caroline Alan, the Co-founder and CEO of Beam Minerals.
Coming from the corporate world, Caroline struggled until she discovered the incredible ability of plant-based minerals to support the body and restore its natural balance. She is now devoted to educating people about the benefits of mineral replenishment and the efficacy of plant-based humic and fulvic substances.
In today’s discussion, Caroline shares her journey, and we dive into why we experience such significant mineral depletions in our modern-day lifestyles, looking at hidden hunger and the role of our mitochondria. We discuss the interrelationship between mineral storage and adrenal health, the extensive background of plant-based minerals, and the etiology of cramps and hydration. We also explore the signs and symptoms of mineral depletion and explain how to take mineral products for the best results.
Join us to learn about the transformative power of plant-based minerals in our modern lives.