Ep. 360 Raising Resilient Kids: Insights from Holistic Pediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song

I am thrilled to have Dr. Elisa Song joining me today.
Dr. Song is an integrative pediatrician and author of Healthy Kids Happy Kids. She trained at Stanford University, New York University (NYU), and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
In our conversation today, we dive into kids in crisis, exploring the butterfly effect of crisis impacting teens and young adults. We discuss the significance of the gut microbiome, dispelling myths surrounding antibiotics and addressing the resulting global health crisis. We touch on PANS, PANDAS, rheumatic fever, and strategies for restoring the gut microbiome of children, post-antibiotics. We also look at the significance of food labeling and constipation in children, explore the importance of the vagus nerve and heart rate variability, and examine the impact of sugar, glyphosate, and other forever chemicals.
Stay tuned for today’s insightful and enlightening conversation with Dr. Elisa Song as we dive deeply into crucial aspects affecting pediatric health and wellness.