Ep. 357 Aging Well: Biohacking Longevity and Lifestyle with Dr. Nick Bitz

Today, I am thrilled to connect with Dr. Nick Bitz, a renowned naturopathic physician specializing in Ayurvedic medicine.
Dr. Bitz is an influential figure in the natural products industry, specializing in nootropics, anti-aging, medicine, biohacking, herbology, nutrition, and dietary supplements. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective.
In our discussion, we cover cellular senescence, zombie cells, and distinctions with autophagy, highlighting some hallmarks of the aging process. We discuss the gut microbiome and the significance of akkermansia, also exploring the impact of senomorphics and senolytics, brain aging, lifestyle factors, the challenges of sarcopenia, and anabolic resistance.
Join us for today’s enlightening conversation with Dr. Nick Bitz as we journey into various aspects of holistic health and wellness.