Ep. 347 Expanding Perspectives on LDL, Lipids, and LMHRs with Dave Feldman

I am honored to reconnect with Dave Feldman today. Our last encounter was in December 2020, for Episode 128, where we delved deeply into the topic of cholesterol.
Dave is an engineer by profession. He is profoundly clever and commands great respect within the low-carb and keto community due to his willingness to challenge prevailing narratives, encouraging us to explore alternative perspectives on lipid metabolism and reconsider our understanding of LDL, particularly in the context of lean mass hyper-responders like myself.
In our discussion today, we dive into how LDL became so vilified, with Dave shedding light on several crucial research findings. We explain what low-mass hyper-responders are, examine biases and cognitive dissonance, touch on Dave’s new LMHR study, and discuss the Miami Heart study, a longitudinal study of the roles of LDL and plaque burden. We also explore the impact of ApoB and reflect on the essence of science as a pursuit of truth, and Dave shares what lies ahead for himself and his research.
I trust you will find this conversation engaging and thought-provoking.