Ep. 363 Challenging the Diet-Heart Hypothesis: Reevaluating Nutrition and Health with Dr. David Diamond

I am honored to connect with Dr. Dave Diamond today.
Dr. Diamond is a professor at the University of South Florida in their Department of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology, and Physiology. He has a Ph.D. in biology, specializing in behavioral neuroscience.
In our discussion today, Dr. Diamond talks about his journey as a neuroscientist and his interest in heart disease, and we discuss how Ancel Keys, the nutritional department at Harvard, and governmental dietary guidelines have significantly hindered our state of health. We explore the diet-heart hypothesis, the effects of seed oils and low-fat diets, the misconceptions surrounding cholesterol, metabolic errors, and the role of insulin resistance in coronary artery disease and metabolic health. We also scrutinize the implications of scientific misconduct, the effects of statins, and the role of nutrition in shaping lipid panels.
Join us for today’s valuable, insightful, and informative conversation with Dr. Dave Diamond.