Ep. 293 AMA #3: Break Free – Proven Steps To Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat

Today, I am excited to welcome you to the eagerly awaited third installment of Ask Me Anything!
In this episode, I shine the spotlight on a universal challenge that affects the lives of countless women north of 35 as I delve into the heart of the problems of weight loss resistance, plateaus, and the notorious belly fat that seems to cling on for dear life.
The flood of questions that keep pouring in speaks volumes and is a testament to the exasperation we all feel! Join me in embarking on a journey to navigate that landscape, unravel the mysteries, confront the misconceptions, and uncover the strategies to overcome, decode, and dismantle the common issue of shedding those unwanted stubborn pounds!
I urge all of you- particularly those older than 35, to know you are not alone in your struggle! Stay tuned for the treasure trove of insights that awaits!