Ep. 339 Decoding DNA: Genes, Mood, and Health Impact with Kashif Khan

Today, I have the privilege of engaging with Kashif Khan.
Kashif is the author of The DNA Way. He is also a two-time TEDx speaker, a celebrity longevity coach, and Founder of The DNA Company, an innovative company at the forefront of personalized medicine that has leveraged unique insights into the human genome.
In our conversation today, we dive into the impact of our current healthcare system and share daily practices to help men and women enhance their longevity. We discuss the genome, considerations for bio-individuality and genetics, and how mood and behavior impact our overall well-being. Kashif also addresses some issues women face in midlife, including sleep problems, weight loss resistance, and bone health.
I am sure anyone seeking a deeper understanding of these matters will find our discussion significant and most valuable.