Ep. 367 The Metabolic Health Crisis & GLP-1s with Dr. Anurag Singh

I am delighted to reconnect with Dr. Anurag Singh today, the Chief Medical Officer at Timeline Nutrition. He joined me once before on Episode 268.
I invited Dr. Singh back to discuss the latest research on GLP-1 agonists like Wegovy, Semaglutide, and Ozempic, which are gaining significant traction with projected sales exceeding $100 billion by 2030, potentially affecting 9% of the US population.
In our conversation, we explore the contributors to our metabolic health crisis by looking at the research surrounding GLP-1 agonists, the physiology of GLP-1 peptides, and the influencing elements Dr. Singh refers to as the trifecta. We dive into the loss of muscle mass and strength, sarcopenia, and frailty associated with these drugs, and Dr. Singh shares his concerns about their impact on bone health, the gut microbiome, and their use in younger patients. We also get into lifestyle measures, mitochondrial health, hallmarks of aging, Akkermansia, and the importance of advocacy and patient empowerment.
Today’s compelling and invaluable discussion with Dr. Anurag Singh highlights crucial insights into GLP-1 agonists and their broader health implications. I know it will provide significant value for our listeners.

Ep. 268 Understanding the Biology of Aging with Evolved Supplementation and Nutrition

Dr. Anurag Singh is the Chief Medical Officer at Timeline Nutrition, where they develop next-generation advanced nutritional and skincare products targeting improvements in mitochondrial and cellular health. His background is in internal medicine and immunology. He has authored over 40 articles for top science journals and has more than 15 patents. He has designed and led more than 50 randomized controlled studies.

Today, Dr. Singh and I dive into his background, key biological hallmarks of aging, what accelerates aging, and what we can do to address aging proactively. We discuss sarcopenia, mitochondrial health, the gut microbiome, supplementation, and the differences between prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics. We also get into the benefits of Mitopure and the research behind it.

Mitopure is a supplement I have been taking for several years. I feel it has been instrumental in improving and maintaining the mass and strength of my muscles. Research has been emerging specific to brain health and cognition, immune and metabolism, and topical applications of Mitopure.